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Homer’s Dome

Hands down, my favorite aspect of this project was that Homer's Head wasn't merely an enormous site gag on the lawn of San Diego's Bay Front Park, it was a theatre. The inside of Homer's dome was designed and created to serve as an immersive projection mapping screen.  Technicians and software engineers worked to calibrate and register the 4 projectors required to facilitate a seamless animation over the entirety of the dome's inner surface. The animation itself depicts Homer’s life flashing before his eyes as bits and pieces from every Simpson’s episode that has ever been swirls in extraordinary abstractions to promote Fox FX’s new Everysimponsever app. To see an animation of this please click HERE

This whole thing was a smash hit at Co
mic Con. There are so many rave reviews of it. It really was a show stopper, and it's all over the internet. It was a wonderful thing to have been so involved with.

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Eric's team is second to none. Every one performed like a rock star from one end of the studio to the other. With major brain power and backs like bulls everyone there worked around the clock, day in, day out to create this wondrously hilarious thing. A first thanks to my team who trudged with me through the foam fabrication from beginning to end. They could not have worked harder. Their dedication and focus blew me away every day. Amanda, Fiona, Daniel, a million thanks to each. Your assistance in this project went beyond the beyond. To Mariana, Scott and Fred. They built the jigs which were nightmarishly complex beyond what most may suppose. Without their perseverance and craft, not a block would be cut. to Kelsey for taking my sketches, scribbles and unmeasured renderings and turning them into vectors that the robot could understand and Dodes for making sure that I would never want for what I needed, you guys are Awesome, as is everyone there. Last and most certainly most, Thanks for providing me with such an amazing sculpture opportunity and trusting in my vision of it's foam fabrications Eric, I’m so looking forward to the next big thing that I work on with you and your amazing studio.

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